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MAGO HURLO - the fanciful magician for every opportunity

If you want to spend a light heartened evening that will even make you forget what day it is, donít wait anymore, Mago Hurlo will bring everything necessary and you will just laugh or smile during his entertainment involving who wants to , to take part to the tricks with cards, ropes, animals, rings and small balls amidst ironic and funny amusement.. Getting into otherís brains, trying to discover their secrets, bending metals as if they are soft as butter and many other special effects, and even more, tricks at the table between one course and another or at the end of your lunch or dinner, this is Mago Hurlo.         With his magic tricks he entertains the public in pubs, discos, restaurants and at the town festivals. There is a party there, Mago Hurlo is there.
Itís natural that his tricks and games are suitable for the party or place where he works (pubs, discos,restaurants and town festivals) . Everywhere, Mago Hurlo is there.
For bookings and information and/or prices please contact Mago Hurlo: click here
So immediately any event may be a surprise for your children to stay and have fun together with their friends.

Magic, fantasy shows

entertainment for everyone, with animals too.

Shows for young and old

at the theatre, cafŤ, disco and on the squares, during meetings and private parties.

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Shows for children from 4 to 12 years old

games, birthday parties, magic tricks.

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Wedding receptions and parties

Magic tricks on request, while you are enjoying your aperitif, during or at the end of your lunch or dinner, involving the wedding couple, on request.

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Street magician

Tricks,going through the streets of the town during festivals.

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Easy to do

Do you want some-one to look after your children during a party or during your lunch. Itís just so easy. 120 minutes of magic tricks, fantasy and balloons.

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